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Explaining the "why" of GD&T usage

Check out this great article from Orchid Medical that explains with illustrations why embracing Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing frames on 2D and 3D drawings can help you reduce your manufacturing scrap.  

Here is a link to our knowledge base online video demonstrating "how" to use the GDT Font Builder in InspectionXpert or go to the Getting Started tab of in our software for access to the entire library of articles and online videos.  

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Expensive CAD Licenses No Longer Required!

Have you ever had to purchase an expensive CAD license in order inspect the part per your customer’s CAD model or drawing?  Does your staff spend long hours creating 2D CAD drawings from your customer’s models so that your inspectors can inspect from a 2D drawing?

Well those days are over!

Announcing the release of the new InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD, a new quality planning and documentation software platform that supports both 3D model-based and 2D print-based formats. InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD means end users who need to create inspection packages can now save money and time using the same workflow regardless of input file format.

Join us for a Launch Event Webinar on InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD on Wednesday, November 19 at 2pm EST. 

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Complete AS9102 FAI Solution Without CAD System Licensing?

A complete AS9102 FAI solution without a CAD license... 
What does that mean?

Ever wanted to be to work with your OEM's 3D CATIA Models without having to buy that expensive license?  Well, have you heard about InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD?

This Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific on Quality Digest Live

Our CEO Jeff Cope will give a live demo of our latest cutting edge software, InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD, from the QDL Studio.

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A great reason to watch this webinar on Friday

Fall is here, so no more easy days of summer. Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving. Time will only continue to move faster and there are only so many ways to make gains with a manual or hybrid process.  You can’t keep doing things the same way. Do something to make it a great 4th quarter for your company.

Help your employees excel at making the parts that make you money. Don’t make your employees suffer through preparing AS9102, PPAP, or FAI Reports.

Click Here to sign up for our Webinar at either 8AM or 1PM on this Friday, October 10th. Learn from our own Tanya Cox and Gretchen Bazeley. Together they have over 30 years of experience in the aerospace manufacturing industry.  



As an added bonus, all those that attend the webinar and take a free trial of InspectionXpert OnDemand will be eligible for 2 extra months, if a one year subscription is purchased between now and Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27, 2014).  That’s 14 months for the price of 12.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!!!


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5 Killer Resources for Quality Control Experts

Quality control is a quickly changing field. Major trends, such as those trends recently on display at IMTS, are sweeping the manufacturing industry, forcing quality control experts to keep up.

That means it’s more important than ever that quality professionals keep themselves up-to-date on the latest news and information available.

Click Read More to see 5 resources quality control experts can count on for quality coverage of the industry.

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How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Company's Greatest Asset

Highly trained quality personnel are essential, right?

But did you know that constantly focusing top performers’ efforts on administrative work can actually lead to a problem?

It’s a problem that can undermine how valuable your biggest assets, your employees, are to your business. 

Want to know what that problem is?

Click Continue Reading to Learn the Answer and 5 Things You Can Do To Solve The Problem!

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InspectionXpert for PDF / OnDemand SP05 Update

Update SP05 for InspectionXpert for PDF & OnDemand is now available. 

InspectionXpert for PDF was released for download on the InspectionXpert website today 9/17/2014.  Customers current on maintenance are able to login and download at their convenience. 

InspectionXpert OnDemand Customers will have these upgrades upon login.   Login here to see the changes

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How Decision Maker's Think

Trying to change the mind of those above you? Have an idea or suggestion and want to make sure you are heard?
Then you need to think like a decision maker!

All too often we fall into the “employee mindset,” where we’re frustrated by our lack of ability to make a difference and to affect change; we’re just there to fill a role and worry that at the end of the day we’re totally replaceable.  You don't have to fall into that trap!

While it’s important to make sure you know your job and do it well, if you want to excel in your career you need to look for chances to take it to the next level… you need to think like a decision maker.

Click on Continue Reading to Learn How!

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Quality Control Takeaways with World’s Largest Solar Telescope

Man has been fascinated with the sun and night sky since the days of hunters and gatherers. Today we know much more about what that sky contains than our ancestors did. Soon we may learn even more about the sun and the effects it has on our environment here on Earth.

Continue reading to gain some takeaways and to see actual images and ballooned drawings of the ATST Telescope. 

One of our clients, Ingersoll Machine Tools, recently engineered and built the world’s largest solar telescope. 

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The Top 15 Automotive Professionals You Should Be Following on Google+

The Top 15 Automotive Professionals on Google+

You talked, we listened. In a recent survey, over 20% of you mentioned you use Google+ so we’re here to bring you a list of contenders—automotive professionals you should circle and follow on Google’s favorite social media platform.

We’ve divided them into 3 categories:

1.   “Members of The Press” are automotive industry magazines who are sharing great things.

2.   “Automotive Manufacturers,” which are exactly what you’d expect—the top 5 car companies themselves, as ranked           by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. 

3.   “Suppliers” are manufacturing companies servicing the auto industry we thought you should be aware of.

Click on "Continue Reading" to see the full list! 

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In the Spotlight: 5 Manufacturing Trends At IMTS

Next week 100,000 manufacturing professionals are expected to gather in Chicago for the International Manufacturing Technology Show—better known as IMTS.            

Each of those in attendance are sure to come away with new ideas, learn about new opportunities, and make new connections to better their businesses. Many will have specific machine types or process capabilities they are interested in.

Modern Machine Shop has identified 5 other far-reaching trends that attendees should be aware of (and check out) at the show next week.

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Happy Labor Day

InspectionXpert Offices will be closed today.  We will be on a regular schedule tomorrow.  

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Making the case for change: How to convince your higher ups that there's a better way

Technology can make our lives easier, but when the current system appears to be working, it can be hard to get buy-in from those above you to implement even the most efficient and time saving solution.

By providing the information your boss will need to understand the value of the software or technology you’d like to implement (starting with the goal in mind) you will gain trust and create a situation where you are working together to find a better solution, than just trying to reduce your own workload. 

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How Downton Abbey's picture reinforces why Quality Process is important?

If you don’t watch the show, you might have missed the “quality escape” of a photo released on Instagram this morning by Downton Abbey. (Click here to view the Photo). A water bottle isn't significant in most applications, but in a historical drama based in the 1920s, it’s a huge distraction from an award winning cast and plot.

Attention to detail is huge in any line of business, as shown by the photo. But none more so when manufacturing parts that have to meet given specs and geometric dimensions and tolerances. Had the show’s producers reviewed the photo again or edited out the bottle, the photo would have been a great launch to their 5th season. All the publicity would have been about positive aspects of the show, cast, plot twists, etc. Instead, everyone is asking, “seriously, who puts a plastic water bottle on a granite mantle?”


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How To Determine If Outsourcing Your Quality Process (Or A Part Of) Is Right For Your Company

Outsourcing is a major decision can be a strategic tool, especially for preparing FAI or AS9102 reports.  It allows you to focus on the areas of your business that make you more productive and profitable.  

Click Continue Reading to learn  how to know if outsourcing is right for your business.

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InspectionXpert Opens New Office in Wichita, Kansas

InspectionXpert has a new office in Wichita, Kansas!  The new office is located at the Terradyne Country Club and will be focused on providing Professional Services for our new Services division which was announced late last year.  Tanya Cox, Manager, FAI Planning and Quality Consulting Services, will be managing this new office.  

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Promo for Boeing Suppliers Using Net-Inspect

Are you a Boeing Supplier using Net-Inspect? 

InspectionXpert helps automate the process of populating FAI Reports in Net-Inspect.  InspectionXpert is the only ballooning tool that can be accessed directly from the Net-Inspect interface and has full integration with Net-Inspect for easy publishing of FAI data.  Large drawings are no problem with the InspectionXpert integration to Net-Inspect, and you can create new FAIs, append to existing FAIs, or overwrite FAIs with the InspectionXpert/Net-Inspect integration.  

Click here to learn about InspectionXpert's special offer for Boeing Suppliers using Net-Inspect

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InspectionXpert and KeytoData will exhibit at Control 2014 in Stuttgart

InspectionXpert and KeytoData will be exhibiting at Control 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany from May 6 - 9.   Several new InspectionXpert products that are intended to revolutionize quality inspections will be previewed for visitors to the KeyToData/InspectionXpert booth # 1000 in hall 1, at the Control show.

Stop by our booth to enter the daily drawing for a Windows Tablet.

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Meeting Market Needs and Moving Forward: InspectionXpert’s Strategic Alliance with Solidworks

<a href="">InspectionXpert Corporation</a> has entered into a new global licensing, marketing and distribution agreement with Dassault Syst&egrave;mes SolidWorks Corporation.

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