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By InspectionXpert Host on 10/17/2012 10:43 AM

InspectionXpert Corporation is pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with K2D - KeyToData GmbH for the European market. K2D is a leading provider of CAD software and digital design communication solutions in Europe.We plan to build on K2D's success in serving InspectionXpert customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and further expand our reseller network in Europe. 

InspectionXpert products have already been localized for the German language, and versions in Polish, French, and Portugese will be available soon.

Read the press release here. 

By InspectionXpert Host on 4/27/2012 3:30 PM

Join us for this event co-hosted by InspectionXpert and Net-Inspect and learn how to boost efficiency with the only fully-integrated, on-demand, comprehensive ballooning and quality management solution.

InspectionXpert is the only ballooning tool that's fully integrated with Net-Inspect and can be accessed directly inside the Net-Inspect interface via a web browser with no installation needed. Powerful and customizable, InspectionXpert works with any PDF or TIFF file to balloon inspection drawings and capture inspection data for publishing to Net-Inspect.

Net-Inspect is a strategic quality management portal that manages your FAIs and inspection plans across your company and your supply chain providing you with greater management visibility into your manufacturing capability.

Together these integrated solutions help you drive down costs by eliminating time consuming, error-prone, manual processes, and improve your strategic decision making with intelligent reporting and analytics at your fingertips.

Learn More and register for the webinar here.


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