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Automated Inspection Planning For A Less Stressful Year

Jeff Cope
Jan 18, 2016 7:00:00 PM


Out with old mistakes and in with new solutions!

Enough is enough! Stop giving your time away to monotonous tasks and repeated errors that occur with each new inspection plan. It’s time to automate those tasks and eliminate mistakes with InspectionXpert.

InspectionXpert simplifies your process with:

  • Simultaneously extract dimension/tolerances and add uniquely numbered inspection balloons/bubbles
  • Quickly generate industry standard reports (e.g. AS9102, PPAP, etc…) and professional looking custom reports
  • Standardize, optimize, and mistake-proof your inspection process
  • Customize extraction settings for incredibly fast and accurate extraction of dimensions, tolerances, and notes. Publish your inspection plans to enterprise quality systems
  • Quick deployment (automatic installation and updates from the web)
  • Easy to learn and discover

We offer valuable tools to help you create and revise quality inspection plans from various models and drawing formats (e.g., PDF, DWG, CATPart, CATDrawing, etc.) without pulling your hair out.

The answer is simple: Make fewer mistakes.

  • InspectionXpert dramatically reduces time-consuming errors and automates the following processes:
  • Identifying and extracting inspection characteristics such as dimensions, tolerances, and notes from your 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models
  • Importing measurements from both CMM software & hand gages and correlating those with the print dimensions from the drawing/model.
  • Identifying drawing/model changes from one drawing/model version to the next and pulling forward inspection balloons/bubbles and inspection characteristics from the previous version that still apply.
  • Publishing inspection plans to industry standard or custom reports and enterprise quality systems.

Our number one job is Manufacturing Quality Made Simple™.  We do that by providing cutting edge software solutions to manufacturing quality professionals, just like you.

You have what you need.

Now Get Going!  Try Our Industry Leading Inspection Software Today!


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