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How to convince your higher ups that there’s a better way

Aug 27, 2014 8:00:00 PM

Making the case for change: How to convince your higher ups that there's a better way

Technology can make our lives easier, but when the current system appears to be working, it can be hard to get buy-in from those above you to implement even the most efficient and time saving solution.


Make it easy for your boss to say yes by proving the value, I.e. build trust.

Provide the information your boss will need to understand the value of the software or technology you’d like to implement. Start by tracking your time during an average work week to get a concrete number for how much time you spend on the particular type of task that will be affected by the new software.

Then estimate how much time the tasks will take after implementing the new system. Now you can show exactly how much time it will save you and how much extra time you’ll have to take on higher level work and other tasks off your boss’ plate.


If you work overtime to accomplish some of these tasks, make sure to highlight that the new process will help reduce that cost for the company; and if the new process will help eliminate errors, point that out too.


For employees who want their boss to adopt InspectionXpert, that often means tallying the hours spent ballooning blueprints by hand or some other hybrid method, working overtime manually filling out First Article Inspection (FAI) Reports or AS9102s, and eliminating human error that might cause a document to be rejected.


For example, Tony Gratto, Quality Assurance Inspector at Arnprior, used to spend about two hours to balloon a drawing and then another two hours to create an Excel spreadsheet. He says by using InspectionXpert OnDemand he can do an equivalent project in half the time, if not less.


Listen to (and address) any obstacles your boss may have.

When you initially present an idea for improving quality assurance and time-savings to your boss, start by simply asking to do a bit more research.


Then ask questions such as, “Has the company ever tried something like this?” and “What concerns would you have with a solution like this?”


For example, when proposing InspectionXpert OnDemand, you might ask “Has the company ever tried outsourcing the process of creating ballooned inspection drawings, creating FAIs, or tried automating some of the process to tackle a backlog of projects?”


Once your boss has shared any concerns he might have, you can go back and do research on those issues so that you can present the answers to his questions and counter his concerns in a logical way.


Make the business case & ask for permission to do a trial.

Make sure to explain what’s in it for the company, not just how it will save you time. For instance, don't talk about how InspectionXpert OnDemand will cut the time it takes you to balloon a print by hand in half. Talk about how the extra time will let you focus on higher level work, rather than spending time manually inputting information for a FAI or AS9102.  Better yet, show how it will better your boss’ life by letting you complete more projects, more quickly.


You can also increase the chances that your boss will say yes by asking to do a trial, rather than spending money outright and trying to adopt a new process or type of software company wide.

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