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How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Company's Greatest Asset

Sep 25, 2014 8:00:00 PM

Highly trained quality personnel are essential, right?

But did you know that constantly focusing top performers’ efforts on administrative work can actually lead to a problem?

It’s a problem that can undermine how valuable your biggest assets, your employees, are to your business.

Want to know what that problem is?

By focusing on hiring and keeping top-notch personnel, you may not be paying enough attention to how your team actually spends their time-which means you’re not leveraging them in a way that maximizes their potential for your business.

Are YOU Hindering The Effectiveness of Your Greatest Asset… Human Time?

Creating AS9102s, PPAPs, and First Article Inspections are administrative work. It takes hours to complete when done manually. Hiring highly qualified and intelligent personnel to handle time-consuming manual activities is a waste of your greatest asset, human resources.

So, how can you free them from time-consuming tasks so they can focus on higher level work?

Using  InspectionXpert OnDemand to automate processes will save you valuable time and protect your most valuable resource, your employees.

One InspectionXpert client freed up so much employee time, that after implementing our software he was able to take on more business which justified the purchase a new CNC Machine. As an additional benefit, this client breaks down jobs less often and has gained additional efficiencies.

5 Things You Should Automate For Quicker Answers & Better Human Resource Allocation

With InspectionXpert OnDemand you can eliminate time consuming manual activities usually performed by highly experienced and qualified personnel.

Our software enables you to:

  1. Eliminate manual data entry by extracting data to automatically populate reports.
  2. Instantly view accounted for, remaining, conforming and/or non-conforming features.
  3. Automatically import machine results data and/or directly record measured inspection results.
  4. Quickly compare documents to view changes for creating new, revised and similar to reports. No starting from scratch when you get a revision.
  5. Easily locate and navigate to specific features with customizable grid zone locations.

Automating the process also standardizes existing report templates and/or allows you to customize unique, specific, customer templates. Using a Quality Process Software like InspectionXpert OnDemand reduces errors that occur from copy-pasting data or inputting information manually.

This means your team spends less time fixing mistakes. Thus, will have more time to ensure the products you create and your processes are of the quality your clients expect.

Request a trial of InspectionXpert OnDemand now and save your best performers time to focus on higher level work. Contact us today

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