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How To Automate A Professional Inspection Report With Your CMM

Jan 28, 2016 7:00:00 PM


If your company has made substantial investments in factory automation (CNC machines, loading equipment, etc…) to speed up fabrication, then quality inspection may be your new bottleneck (or an old one).   Many companies invest heavily in making parts faster only to have them sit and wait to be inspected in the “refrigerator room” by CMM.

You may find yourself continually having to reshape and redefine processes as a result of increasing requirements from your customers, changing industry standards, employees who don’t understand quality inspection standards and CMM software that doesn’t correlate measurements back to the inspection dimensions on the drawing.

As the need increases to adhere to ever-tightening tolerances, delivery deadlines, and inspection by CMM increases, so does the amount of CMM data that needs to be reported back to your customers.  If the process of reporting CMM measurements and correlating them back to the drawing dimensions isn’t automated and error-free, then the improved accuracy and speed of inspecting with a CMM is negated.

Make the most of your CMM investment by using the industry-standard inspection planning and reporting software that has already streamlined the process for a simpler, faster and more error-free way to do your reporting.

InspectionXpert and its CMMXpert software plugin automate everyday functions to simplify your quality inspection process:

  • CMM data is auto-magically imported from almost any CMM software so you can say goodbye to that budding carpel tunnel syndrome from all the manual data entry
  • CMMXpert has rules for automatically correlating CMM measurements to the drawing dimensions and tolerances but can be manually correlated as well.
  • Once you map CMM results from a given CMM program to an inspection drawing ballooned/bubbled with InspectionXpert, CMMXpert remembers the mapping for future data import from that CMM program!
  • Creating Customized AS9102, PPAP, or FAI Reports to meet your customer’s requirements
  • Creating inspection packages from any PDF or TIFF file and many CAD formats (e.g. DWG, CATPart, etc…).
  • A new option can now be enabled automatically format Basic dimension values with a frame and Reference dimensions surrounded with parenthesis.
  • You can also individually create First Article Inspection and In Process Inspection Documents for your particular industry.

This sound great, but we know you don’t want to get caught with software that doesn’t sync up with your CMM, and that’s why you can see if your CMM is compatible.

  • Calypso
  • Camio
  • CMD Line Format (via Polyworks)
  • CMM Manager - Excel Import
  • CMM Manager
  • CSV
  • Faro Cam2 - Spanish
  • Faro Cam2 Columns
  • Faro Cam2 CSV
  • Faro Cam2 Tabular - Verisurf
  • Faro Cam2 Tabular
  • Faro Cam2
  • Geomeasure - Mode 5
  • Geomeasure - Modes 7 & 8
  • Geomeasure - Modes 7 and 8
  • Keyence IM
  • LaserQC
  • MCosmos - Normal Mode 3
  • MCosmos - Type 1
  • MCosmos - Type 2
  • MCosmos - Type 3
  • MCosmos - Type 4
  • MCosmos
  • MeasureMax
  • Metrologic
  • Metrosoft CM Delimited
  • Metrosoft CM Delimted
  • Metrosoft Quartis - CSV
  • Metrosoft Quartis
  • MicroVu Looping
  • Mitutoyo Microscope
  • Modus
  • OGP - Smart Scope
  • OGP MeasureMind Export Stats
  • OGP MeasureMind QC Calc Export
  • Open DMIS - Spanish
  • Open DMIS
  • PC-DMIS - CSV Excel
  • PC-DMIS - Excel PPAPTxtReport
  • PC-DMIS - Spanish
  • Polyworks
  • PowerInspect
  • QC 5000 - IK 5000
  • QC Calc Export
  • Q-Das Acsii Transfer Mode
  • QDMWeb
  • Tarus - TDR
  • Tarus
  • Virtual Dmis - no column id - actual first
  • Virtual Dmis - no column id - nominal first
  • Virtual Dmis

InspectionXpert works with most CMM software, and we just added some new ones.
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