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Jan 28, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Creating time seems like one impossible task.  Could it be as simple as automatically importing file-level Part Properties and Parameters from your CAD assembly so that you can easily populate your InspectionXpert Project’s Bill of Materials and Bill of Specification?

InspectionXpert has got you covered.

InspectionXperts offer solutions that make it a little easier to save your time, money, and even your sanity:

  • Update Characteristics when changing default tolerances: Now you can choose to update the tolerances and calculated limits of components in your project automatically after you make edits to your project’s default tolerances. Learn how to upload to Net-Inspect
  • Optical character recognition & Data Extraction from your PDF and TIF: Use of visual drawing comparison to make your more accurate than ever. Your drawings will be more accurate than ever. ExtractionXpert™ enables InspectionXpert to “learn” and optimize data extraction on PDF & TIF drawings.
  • Automatically Identify All Flag Notes: InspectionXpert can now automatically identify all flag notes with the same value throughout and automatically create a group of associated characteristics.
  • Custom Project Property OCR: Use the new OCR buttons to extract custom project property text from your PDF and TIF drawings.
  • Basic & Reference dimension formatting: Render your primary dimensions in Excel with a box border just like they appear on the drawing.

When every aspect has to be done manually, it makes it so much harder than it should be, so solve the problem and be done with it!

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

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