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InspectionXpert Corporation, Developers of Popular PPAP Software, Joins AIAG

Aug 7, 2012 8:00:00 PM

InspectionXpert Corporation, Developers of Popular PPAP Software, Joins AIAG Posted 3 years 360 days ago ago by Chris Douglas     0 Comments
APEX, NC—(June 27, 2012) InspectionXpert Corporation, developers of the popular PPAP software application "InspectionXpert," has become the newest corporate member of the Automotive Industry Action Group, AIAG.  AIAG, founded initially by the American automotive companies Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, owns and maintains the APQP and PPAP quality standards.  The purpose of the PPAP standard is to provide a standard methodolgy for approving and documenting approval of production of parts by component suppliers.

The InspectionXpert dimension extraction and ballooning software automates inspection documentation part of the PPAP process.  Users are able to use the InspectionXpert PPAP software to generate control plans, process failure mode effects analysis reports (PFMEAs) and dimensional results reports direct from engineering drawings (in various CAD formats or in PDF/TIF format).  Users are often able create the PPAP documentation with the InspectionXpert PPAP software in less than half the time and with far fewer errors than performing PPAPs manually.

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