Save Tolerance Settings and Auto-Calculate Upper and Lower Limits

By James Meenan | August 19, 2020
tolerances that can be auto-calculated in InspectionXpert
With InspectionXpert, you can put the calculator back in the drawer!
When you capture dimensions In InspectionXpert, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will capture the dimension value and determine the type of tolerance.

Tolerances that are visible, or “document defined tolerances”,  will automatically calculate upper and lower limits based on the drawing text when you capture the dimension. 

Dimensions that do not show tolerances, will automatically calculate upper and lower limits based on your saved tolerance settings. 

Your pre-set, or default tolerances can be either “by precision” based on the number of decimal places in a dimension, or “by range”, and you can even set custom default tolerances for use in future projects. 

When capturing bi-lateral dimensions, you can choose to display the upper limit/lower limit as captured, or you can set an option to automatically calculate the nominal by averaging the upper and lower limit

default tolerances
Watch the video below to see it in action: