Use metric drawings to create inspection reports and check sheets in inches

By James Meenan | July 28, 2020
InspectionXpert AS9102 Report Template example - showing metric to inches conversion


We've created two new templates to help you convert your metric drawings to inches for AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports and shop floor check sheets. Get the free templates

InspectionXpert doesn't convert units of measure in a project, but you can convert units in your exported Excel report that include unit conversion formulas.

These formulas are applied to the following columns in the AS9102 report:

  • Requirement (Inch) column - automatically converts the exported metric requirements to inches.
  • Results (Metric) column - Use your Inch measuring tools , and enter the measured value in the Results (Inch) column, to have it automatically convert to Metric.

This template contains a feature that will automatically expand the report to match the number of characteristics in your project.

Watch the video below for instructions. Be sure to select a metric project template when you create your project



Learn more about AS9102 and download a free AS9102 Rev B Excel template.