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Pratt InspectionXpert/Net Inspect Training

Updated Pratt InspectionXpert/Net-Inspect training (updated 2017)


Creating and Using Number Sequences

Created by Jeffery Mazza and updated on April 9, 2017

Some Pratt suppliers need to be skipping numbers within their FAI (e.g. starting each page at the next hundred or using numbers to differentiate between operations)


Overview of InspectionXpert to Net-Inspect Upload

Please note that this video is showing the “commercial version” Net-Inspect upload.  The video is worth watching because it is co-hosted by Net-Inspect support and also discusses some of the most common failure modes of Net-Inspect upload.  Also, for your use there is a lock out period for third party review that is not shown in this video.


Basic Dimension as Reportable in Net-Inspect

Created by Jeffery Mazza and updated on August 7, 2017

We have had questions from users about how to report Basic dimensions in Net-Inspect. The process shown in this video was created in cooperation with Net-Inspect and one of our very large aerospace customers.


Adding More Criticality Classifications

Video by Jeffery Mazza, approved by Pratt & Whitney


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