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Capture your inspection results.

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Creating reports for your customer shouldn't be a full time job.

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Create Your Inspection Plan

Balloon your part drawing in InspectionXpert and then create the inspection plan you need in QualityXpert. Whether it is a first article, in-process or a changeover, configure a plan that meets you and your customer's requirements.

Collect your inspection results
Collect Your Inspection Results

Instead of typing and re-typing inspection results into a format that your customer requires, publish your inspection plan to the shop floor and have your machine operators capture results into a single database. Using a CMM to measure?  Go ahead and upload the results without re-typing. 

Publish Reports for your customer
Report For Your Customer

Upload your customer's report template into our report editor and publish the inspection results that you have captured on your shop floor and CMM lab directly into a format that your customer requires. Adjust and edit your report templates easily, or use one of the built-in common reports, like AS9102, to get you up and running fast.

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