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QualityXpert 1.28 Release Notes

by Sathish Kasilingam, on Aug 27, 2018 9:26:39 AM


  • You now have the ability to add notes in every job.
  • We want to hear from you! Submit your ideas through the new ideas portal and vote on the ideas you think would add the most value. Find it in the user options menu.

CMM Import Tool

Importing files from your CMM is faster and easier!

  • New autonomous measurement import tool reads the CMM file in the watch folder and auto-magically parses the data file. 50 new CMM formats added.
  • Parsed results from the CMM file can now be categorized based on type, ID, nominal, and specification values.
  • Auto-mapping of CMM data read through the parser is here for reals. Now auto mapping can be based off type, nominal, UID, or spec limits.
  • When mapping data for a part, the part’s characteristics can be filtered based on inspection method. This means it’s easy to map only the characteristics to be measured by a CMM.
  • You can now import multiple CMM files for one part.

Export Reports

New more flexible reporting is here!

  • Filter based on inspection plan, part, or job. Upload your existing Excel template, put your tokens in from QualityXpert, and download your report. Your custom formatting and macros will not be altered when uploading or downloading.
  • New report templates based on industry standards, including AS9102 and AS13002.
  • Process capability and process performance are available on a per part basis, and can be included in reports.
  • Templates can be deactivated or deleted.

Bug Fixes

  • Measurement Entry Screen: Job number, part number, part rev, operation, and machine (trace fields) are no longer hidden in the footer. These are clearly visible under the main menu.
  • Now when a part is marked inactive it can’t be assigned to jobs (previously inactive parts could be assigned to jobs, which was confusing).
  • When importing CMM files if the parser can’t find a required field to import a measurement, the user is prompted for input. Previously it just showed that there was an error with no indication of where the error occurred.
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