QualityXpert 1.29 Release Notes

by Sathish Kasilingam, on Oct 10, 2018 5:16:16 PM

This release of QualityXpert includes improvements to the Measurement Upload tool, Gage Kits, and new features for mistake proofing. 


  • Inspection Results reports can now be directly downloaded without viewing the report. This is helpful for parts with a large number of characteristics.
  • The CMM parser templates used in InspectionXpert's CMMXpert can now be used in QualityXpert.

Measurement Upload (CMM data import)

  • Null characters are ignored when importing any CMM file.
  • Added ability to ignore specific lines in the CMM file based off of particular starting phrases.
  • Improved PC-DMIS XML parser allows customizable columns and report information extraction.
  • Added PC-DMIS Data page XML & Stats XML parsing.
  • When uploading a CMM file to the Add Data Mapping page the file will be parsed automatically.
  • We can now read measurements of multiple pieces from a single CMM data file.

Mistake Proofing

  • Inspection Method will be populated from the Gage Types list in the admin settings for mistake proofing.
  • Operations' Name and ID in the Inspection Plan will be suggested based off of the list in the admin settings for mistake proofing.


  • Gage Kits will be assignable to parts and all future part revisions and jobs associated with the part will have the gage kit moving forward.
  • The ability to multi-select characteristics at the gage kit page has been provided for the faster creation of the Gage Kit.
  • Disable checkout for gages based on gage type is supported now. (Example: CMM & Visual types.)

Bug Fixes

  • You are now able to delete custom reports. 
  • Fixes to Measurement Upload: 
    • Improved PC-DMIS XML parser which allows customizable columns and report information extraction.
    • Added ability to assign item numbers to basic position axes for MCOSMOS CMM files.
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