QualityXpert 1.30 Release Notes

by Sathish Kasilingam, on Nov 5, 2018 11:35:55 AM


New ERP Integration
You can now use the QualityXpert API to integrate with your ERP system to automatically create jobs in QualityXpert for every work order that you create in your ERP system.

  • You can also upload CSV and Excel files from your ERP with work order information. Then QualityXpert will:
    • Create new jobs with the quantity, due date, customer, and owner assigned
    • If machine and operation information is present, the information will be used to update the part's inspection plan.
  • ERP mistake proofing:
    • Error prompts will appear when customers, machines, or operations are not present in the master list in the admin settings.
    • If you try to associate a part that is not present in QualityXpert to a new job an error will be shown.
  • Users can now choose to front load or left align measurements when creating a custom report.
  • The creators of gage kits can now override range and resolution required for that characteristic and assign gages based of the inspection method/gage type for that characteristic.
  • Our custom reports will be exported with formatting of measurements to be in a color (green for in spec and in control; yellow for in spec but out of control; red for out of spec) based on the specification limits. If any type of formatting including conditional is present for the cells that the measurements will populate in, QualityXpert will give preference to the formatting as per the user's template.
  • An admin can now configure the measurement upload tool to ignore the CMM measurement files that do not have valid trace fields. They will not be prompted to enter trace fields if a file does not contain valid trace fields.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes for CMM Upload

  • Previously when adding multiple CMM measurement files for the same part the characteristics in the second file were not appended to the characteristics in the first file. This has been fixed, when you upload multiple CMM files for the same part they should be parsed and appended correctly.
  • Users will now be prompted to correct trace fields if there are any missing or invalid when uploading a CMM file. Previously an error was shown but it was not obvious where or how to correct. 
  • If a measurement was imported through a CMM file upload, it could not be over-written. You can now overwrite measurements from an upload.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • When editing report templates, editing was enabled even when previewing the file. Editing is now disabled in preview mode.
  • When adding an operation a dropdown of the master list of operations is now available, which is helpful for mistake proofing. Previously this was an open type field. 
  • Previously for pass/fail characteristics when a failing measurement was entered the next characteristic would be skipped. This has been fixed, and when entering a failing measurement the navigation will proceed to the next characteristic. 
Moving forward, users will not be able to create legacy parsers. Legacy parsers already in QualityXpert will be editable and available until their support ends in 2019.
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