QualityXpert 1.31 Release Notes

by Sathish Kasilingam, on Nov 29, 2018 10:50:03 AM


  • On the data mapping page column headers are locked, making navigation easier while mapping. 
  • When sampling is enabled in the settings, users can change the inspection frequency for First Article and Changeover inspection plans. Sampling is available by default for In-Process inspection plans.
  • By default, when sampling is disabled, First Article and Changeover inspection quantity are shown as editable fields per operation. Inspection frequency is always 100%. 
  • If a measurement entered is considered as an out of spec measurement and it can be passed when considering bonus tolerances, a disposition can be assigned in the Q-Alert to pass the measurement as an out-of-control measurement.

Bug Fixes

  • If you try to upload a list of work orders with associated information that reference a part not in QualityXpert, error messages were shown. Now those work orders and part combinations are ignored. 
  • Control limits were being calculated incorrectly for min/max dimensions. This has been fixed and the control limits are now calculated correctly.
  • For attribute characteristics Pass would not show in the grid unless the user clicked on all samples of an attribute measurement. This has been fixed, you can now pass or fail individual samples of a measurement.
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