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QualityXpert 1.26.1 Release Notes

by Mari Luke, on Apr 3, 2018 3:06:17 PM

A few additional bug fixes have been made for the measurement entry screen of QualityXpert.

After uploading CMM measurements for a piece, the cursor moved to the coordinating cell in the grid and the viewer area showed the respective balloon. This bug has been fixed and the cursor stays where it was before uploading CMM data.

We identified a bug when characteristics included dimensions, text, and quantities, the nominal was interpreted incorrectly. This has been fixed so that the nominal is detected automatically.

When inspecting attribute and basic characteristics that require more than one measurement per piece, marking the first measurement as passed would pass the whole piece/part. This has been fixed, and now you are required to measure each attribute and basic characteristic the required number of times choosing pass or fail for each measurement.

If a valid measurement was overwritten with an out of spec measurement, the user was not prompted to fill out the Q-Alert. This has been fixed and anytime the user enters an out of spec measurement, a Q-Alert has to be filled out.



We have enabled the users to switch from the English to the Japanese version of QualityXpert based on their locale.

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