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QualityXpert 1.27 Release Notes

by Mari Luke, on Jun 12, 2018 11:02:32 AM

This release of QualityXpert includes enhancements to the measurement entry screen and bug fixes requested by users through our surveys.

  • Users now have the ability to change the subgroup size required for a characteristic in the inspection plan or during measurement entry.

  • Changes in the subgroup size are also reflected in charting and analytics of the measurements.

  • Administrators can now give permission to operators and inspectors to override their own measurements.

  • Characteristics that have been specified to be inspected by a CMM will be indicated with a superscript in the measurement entry screen.

  • Responsive display for the measurement entry screen has been improved.
improved display for QualityXpert
Bug Fixes
  • Updates to the measurement entry screen for improved user experience.
  • GD&T and basic callouts in the characteristic panel now display correctly.
  • Inspection plans with a frequency of 0% now load on the measurement entry screen.
  • GD&T and basic callouts in the gage pane were shown as boxes. This has been fixed.
  • Control limits are recalculated based on the last N measurements and retrieved immediately.
  • Trailing zero is no longer required for a measurement to be considered valid.
  • Bug fixes based on user feedback, and more.
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