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QualityXpert 1.24 Release Notes

by Taylor Carswell, on Aug 9, 2017 11:45:31 AM

S1.24 Release Notes

We have improved numerous aspects of QualityXpert to increase user ease with the software. To view the original release notes of the QualityXpert 1.24 release, click here. Below, the enhancements and fixes found in the update are detailed.

QualityXpert 1.24 Enhancements

The Xpert Guides pop up's presence on the webpage can now be toggled. This has been made possible with the Intro mode button which is a light bulb button in the top menubar.

tp 14661

The parents and child of a part family are accessible at the same page. This has been made possible by having a 'Family' tab at the Part Details Page that provides access to all the entities in the family hierarchy at that level.

tp 13232

The characteristics of a part are now editable from the characteristics tab at the Part details page. This has been made possible by providing the options to edit at that page. A prompt warning the user before deleting a characteristic will be shown.

From InspectionXpert OnDemand 1.0, a user can now use the QualityXpert Publish Add-In with the company URL. This has been made possible as updates to the add-in will never have issues from now on uploading to QualityXpert using a URL.

The PPAP/Process Plan documents are updated when the inspection plan changes. This has been made possible when the part is updating by publishing from InspectionXpert or when the part is coped to a new revision after updating the Inspection Plan.

A prompt has been enabled to warn the users if a user is attempting to delete a machine with measurements against it. This has been made possible to prevent mistakes and alert the users.

QualityXpert 1.24 Fixes:

The measurement import tool that is the interface to upload CMM files at the measurement entry screen was non-responsive and had issues with certain parsers. This has been fixed. The capital letters in the file name contains field in the parser settings was the issue. Now you can enter caps or small letters and the parser will work just fine.

When a mistake happened during the CMM measurement process and that mistake is entered at the measurement entry screen, the user attempted overwriting it with an updated CMM file and the overwriting did not work. Manual overriding with credentials also did not work. This has been fixed.

At the Create a new gage page, the required fields were not marked by asterisk. This has been fixed.

tp 15208

When a part which had multiple PPAP sets of documentation done was copied, there was inconsistency in the part that was created as a copy. Some fields in the control plan referenced the older part. This has been fixed.

tp 15180

If a user was a Gage Manager, the user did not have the ability to create a new gage. This has been fixed.

When a CMM file was changed from being a tab delimited to a space delimited file and the parser was also accordingly updated, the parsing failed. This has been fixed.

tp 15093

Default operation was not created when the part number and revision were not set in the InspectionXpert project or the exported XML file. This has been fixed.

tp 14967

There was no ability to delete a created PPAP documentation set.This has been fixed. A delete button has been provided.

tp 14781

Actual Cpk was only being displayed on the Summary page for the last character viewed as the user was observing the process study of the part. This has been fixed.

tp 14761

At the Create a new Job page, when a character was entered, usernames were seen. This has been fixed.

tp 14538

Watermark stamps in jobs did not show correct time zone nor which time zone was actually being used for the timestamp. This has been fixed.

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