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QualityXpert 1.25 Release Notes

by Taylor Carswell, on Oct 31, 2017 12:34:37 PM

1.25 Release Notes

QualityXpert has been updated to increase usability with our software. Below, the enhancements found in the update are detailed.


We have changed the 'Inspection Plan' button on the 'Part Details' page to a 'Inspection Plan' tab in order to maintain consistency with the other options on the page.

tp 14661

In order to make data-entry easier on the measurement page, we have added the following keyboard shortcuts:

'SHIFT+ENTER' : Advance to the next piece on the same characteristic
'ENTER' : Advance to the next characteristic on the same piece

tp 13232

A number of improvements have been made to the measurement entry screen to enable it to be more mobile responsive:

The Charts, Q-Alerts and Measurement panel has been made collapsible. Once a gage has been selected for a cell that only requires single measurement entry, the value can be entered directly into the grid.

Please use GageXpert keyboard on a tablet for enhanced usage and to use more screen

The details of the current measurement entry screen are shown in the collapsible footer, saving valuable space on the mobile screen.

The Charts, Q-Alerts and Measurement panel can be pinned to stay maximized or can be set to be adaptive.

The traceability section has been moved to the collapsible footer, saving valuable space on the mobile screen.

On the measurement entry screen, when the characteristic manager is collapsed/minimized, navigation buttons will be available to enhance the ease of navigation on the measurement entry screen

When using QualityXpert if you rotate from the landscape to the portrait mode, we have intelligently enabled the grid to resize to show the PDF to make sure that the ballooned characteristic is visualized properly

Communicate your manufacturing comments directly onto the control plan

tp 15208

The user will be able to erase and re-do measurement with traceability.

tp 15180

With proper credentials, a person can override an existing value to empty the measurement field of an attribute characteristic by using the delete button.

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