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InspectionXpert helps you balloon your part drawings and create your inspection report in minutes, not hours.

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Balloon Your Part Drawing

Balloon your part drawings and extract the characteristics in one step. Your tolerances are automatically applied and the spec limits are calculated. 


Collect Your CMM Data

Import your part CMM report into your project and have the measurement results auto-assign to the corresponding feature.Then publish the data directly to your inspection report.


Report For Your Customer

After you've ballooned your part drawing bring in your specifications listing and bill materials for Forms 1 and 2 of your AS9102 First Article Inspection Report. Use your pre-built templates or use the template editor to build your own.

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"I wish I would have started using it sooner. Our supervisors want all of our old in-process inspection procedures updated with bubble drawings and inspection reports generated from InspectionXpert."

- Jason S, QC Manager

“I'm able to create all my spreadsheets within a few minutes after ballooning it. Fast and easy especially with different operations.”

- Paul S, Implementation Manager

“Quick learning curve, easy to customize outputs, saves time in creation and storage of ballooned inspection drawings..”

- Jason T, Quality Documentation Specialist

“I have been able to streamline our print ballooning and dimesion record making with this software! ”

- Jacquelynn P, CC Programmer

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Annual Monthly
  • Balloon & extract PDF files
  • Create AS9102 FAI
  • Create custom inspection reports 
  • Publish reports to Excel 
  • Upload to Net-Inspect
  • Free training & support
  • Import CMM measurements



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per year

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free training. Free Support. If we can't make your first article reporting faster in 30 days, we'll give you your money back.