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Spend less time ballooning

Balloon your part drawings and extract the characteristics in one step. Your tolerances are automatically applied and the spec limits are calculated.


Stop typing feature control frames

Balloon and extract GD&T callouts. Your feature control frames are recreated in the table and ready for exporting to your report.


Revisions made easy

When you get a part revision, bring in your new drawing. The original and new revision are both displayed, making it easy to see what has changed. Move and edit only the balloons that need to be updated.


Import your CMM data

Import your CMM report into your project and have the measurement results auto-assign to the corresponding feature. Then publish the data directly to your inspection report.


Create custom reports for your customers

Use our pre-built templates or use the template editor to build your own.


AS9102 FAIRs

After you've ballooned your part drawing bring in your specifications listing and bill of materials for Forms 1 and 2 of your AS9102 First Article Inspection Report.


Multiple reports from each project

Sometimes you might need to publish information to multiple report formats. You can select as many reports as you need and publish the same characteristic data. 


Upload to Net-Inspect

With our Net-Inspect integration click 'Upload to Net-Inspect' and all your project information will populate in Net-Inspect without any typing. 


Use the right tool for the job.