Simplify your inspection planning & reporting

  • Purple check mark Balloon & capture data from your part drawings
  • Purple check mark Create customizable reports quickly & accurately
  • Purple check mark Access & share your files securely from anywhere

InspectionXpert user interface

Digitize your part drawings to create inspection reports


Balloon your drawings and extract data in one step

  • Capture feature data on your drawings, including GD&T callouts
  • Automatically apply tolerances and calculate spec limits
Balloon your drawings and extract data

Check your work for accuracy

  • Review & verify each feature with a built-in checklist
  • Ensure error-free data for your report
Check your work for accuracy | InspectionXpert

Report for your customer

  • Publish your digitized part data to an Excel inspection report
  • Import and customize report templates to any format you need
Report for your customer | InspectionXpert

Access your data securely anywhere, anytime

Part Database

Always know where to find your files

  • Keep all your parts and reports in one place
  • Available on the cloud: no software download required
Access your parts anywhere | InspectionXpert
Access Control

Customize access for parts and users

  • Easily give and remove database access as your team changes
  • Protect sensitive data by controlling who can access each part
Access control | InspectionXpert

We keep your data secure so you can focus on quality.

  • foursquare-check-in ITAR Registered
    & Compliant
  • foursquare-check-in SOC 2 Type Ⅱ Certified
  • foursquare-check-in Hosted on AWS GovCloud
  • foursquare-check-in Role-based access control
  • foursquare-check-in Data encrypted in
    transit and at rest
  • foursquare-check-in Automatic backup
Brad Wright, Quality Supervisor

Brad bet his boss a year of his salary that a full FAI could go from taking a full day to 10 minutes with InspectionXpert.

Brad, Quality Supervisor

Read Brad's story

“We chose InspectionXpert because it was easy to implement. There are training videos online, and we are able to customize reports without having to pay for services”

Doug M, Quality Engineer

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Photo of Doug Murillo, Quality Engineer