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Getting Started With InspectionXpert

Learn how to balloon a PDF part drawing, balloon scanned drawings, and export to custom report formats. Use available templates for AS9102, PPAP, process capability, or create your own custom template for your inspection plan report.

Balloon Drawings & Extract Data Balloon Scanned Drawings Custom Report Templates

Balloon Part Drawings & Extract Characteristic Data

This video covers:
  • Open an InspectionXpert project
  • Capture notes and project property information
  • Balloon and extract information 
  • Capture geometric tolerances
  • Publish to an Excel file and ballooned PDF.

Balloon Scanned & Low Quality Part Drawings

This video covers:
  • Our recommended workflow for low quality drawings
  • Changing the font to match your drawing
  • Hide extracted annotations to see if you missed anything

Custom Report Templates

This video covers: 
  • How to create an Excel template
  • Inserting tokens into your custom report template
  • Adding a footer row to ensure that report length matches the number of balloons