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Getting Started With InspectionXpert

Balloon Part Drawings & Extract Characteristic Data

This video covers:
  • Open an InspectionXpert project
  • Capture notes and project property information
  • Balloon and extract information 
  • Capture geometric tolerances
  • Publish to an Excel file and ballooned PDF.

Balloon Scanned & Low Quality Part Drawings

This video covers:
  • Our recommended workflow for low quality drawings
  • Changing the font to match your drawing
  • Hide extracted annotations to see if you missed anything

Custom Report Templates

This video covers:
  • How to create an Excel template
  • Inserting tokens into your custom report template
  • Adding a footer row to ensure that report length matches the number of balloons

Full-Length InspectionXpert Training

This video covers:
  • Getting Started
  • New Project
  • Project Template
  • Setting Options
  • Ballooning
  • Inserting Characteristics
  • Checking Your Work
  • Adding Classifications
  • GD&T/Feature Control Frame
  • Multiple Quantities
  • Multiple Positions
  • Grouping
  • Grid (Char Zone)
  • Revise/Replace Drawing
  • Publish to Excel

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