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Brad Wright, Quality Supervisor

Brad bet his boss a year of his salary that a full FAI could go from taking a full day to 10 minutes with InspectionXpert.

Brad, Quality Supervisor

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“We chose InspectionXpert because it was easy to implement. There are training videos online, and we are able to customize reports without having to pay for services.”

Doug, Quality Engineer

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Doug Murillo, Quality Engineer
Mech Inc

"We don’t have to spend all that time creating reports anymore. We can spend our time measuring instead."

Scott, Quality Engineer

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How customers use InspectionXpert's tools and resources to make their jobs easier.


Faster PPAPs enable Weiland Chase to expand the types of parts they produce

"If I hadn’t found a faster way to bubble I would have lost my sanity, quit my job and just opened a lemonade stand in my hometown Hicksville, Ohio"

Wieland Chase

Faster FAIs means more time to focus on quality

"With InspectionXpert I have more time for the activities that add value for our customers." 

JTL Integrated Machine

Evolving quality processes propels growth

"We simply would not have been able to keep up with the growth of our company without InspectionXpert and these changes in our process."

B&B Airparts

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