InspectionXpert 2.0 SP7

by Sathish Kasilingam, on Nov 7, 2018 1:15:15 PM

This release of InspectionXpert includes updates to the infrastructure of the software. You may be prompted to enter a serial number the next time you launch InspectionXpert. You can find instructions for retrieving your serial number here, and for entering your serial number here. 

New Features

New Options in the Table Manager (visible when you right click)
  • Find Panel - allows you to search across all columns and characteristics 
  • Column Chooser - allows you to hide and show columns
Additional New Features
  • This update makes InspectionXpert CMM templates compatible with QualityXpert CMM templates and vice versa. 
  • Now null characters will be ignored when parsing your CMM file in CMMXpert.
  • Added ability to assign item numbers to basic position axes in MCOSMOS CMM files.
  • Improved PC-DMIS XML parser allows customizable columns and report information.
  • Ability to import Excel files through CMMXpert.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously the default suffix for the project name (not the file extension) for inspection projects was not saved. 
  • Previously when you captured a GD&T Characteristic and inserted a symbol from a specific set, that set was not available for the next GD&T characteristic. Now you can select any symbol set, as many times as you'd like.
  • In MeasurementXpert 0 and 0.0 values were always shown as indeterminate, this has been fixed and should show red, green, or yellow according to the spec limits of the characteristic. 
  • When the bounding box of the captured dimension overlapped with the balloon, the bounding box could not be resized. Now they can be moved and resized independently.
  • In the characteristics manager when the next button was clicked, all other navigation buttons were greyed out and not clickable. This has been fixed, and all buttons are clickable. 
  • Improved parsing for PC-DMIS Data Page XML and Stats XML.
  • Fixes to the filter bar. 
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