InspectionXpert 2.0 SP7.2 Release

by Sathish Kasilingam, on Dec 6, 2018 12:22:33 PM

This release includes bug fixes for localized versions of InspectionXpert in other languages. 

  • Now when you open a project in the German locale, correct strings are displayed for both Position and Profile of Line subtype in both Characteristics properties panel and also in the Characteristics options present in the Project Options.
  • Strings are wrapped and the buttons are displayed even for the minimum possible height and width of the Options dialog for all locales. 
  • When using the German locale in IXOD 2.0,  for GD&T Characteristics, the assigned Type and Sub-Type was not preserved on reopening a saved project. This has been fixed.
  • Any changes made to the name of the custom field should be reflected in the characteristic manager and in the bill of characteristics in the table manager.
  • Dimensions were not being extracted correctly though they were shown correctly in the graphics area. This has been fixed and all annotations on CAD files will be extracted correctly.
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