InspectionXpert 5.1 Release Notes

by Taylor Carswell, on Aug 3, 2017 11:09:20 AM

SP 5.1 Release notes

The new release includes numerous improvements to our software that assists in effortless user interactions and provides fixes to minor issues discovered through extensive testing. Updated, large-scale inspections are easier than ever to provide ease to companies of all sizes. To view the original release notes of the 5.1 release, click here. Below, the enhancements and fixes found in the update are detailed.


The image files that have 100000*100000 pixels were not loading properly in InspectionXpert and had a black background. Along with improvements in performance, this has been made possible.

tp 8307

Dialog to select missing Creo DRW file from project did not display filter *.drw*. This has been made possible.

tp 14856
Default font size had been set at 30 pts irrespective of CAD or PDF part files. This caused very large balloons. The default font size has been changed to 12 pts. When projects from earlier releases are opened, default font size is set to project default setting.This has been made possible, for earlier releases and new projects that will be created.

tp 14951


The drawing file name was exported as part name to Net Inspect. This has been fixed.

tp 6982

When there are more than 100 balloons, captures and balloons disappeared for certain characteristics. With implementing other ballooning improvements,this has been fixed.

tp 8110
Version out of date message was displayed when using local licensing. This has been fixed.

tp 14780

When the asterisk or hash symbol was used as Identification Criteria, Smart Extract failed.This has been fixed.

tp 8471

Certain balloons on CAD files were not movable or viewable (the software did not take the user to the balloon), when clicked on the respective row in the table manager. This has been fixed.

tp 10373

Issues arose when revising CAD projects.This has been fixed.

tp 10922

The char zone value for note was getting deleted after exploding a note.This has been fixed. Now after exploding note, the char zone will be displayed for each exploded note.

tp 11531

Basic and reference dimensions were getting extracted even if the checkbox for the type of dimension was not selected in the Application Options dialog box. This has been fixed.

tp 14779
Inconsistency in spacing and formatting of fonts for inserted notes was an issue. This has been fixed. Custom fonts will also have the consistent bold and properly spaced attributes.

tp 12422

10-foot size CAD drawings and their exporting was not handled perfectly by InspectionXpert. This has been fixed.

tp 12433
When the diameter UOM was changed from something that was not a part of the default project template type (inches to mm or mm to inches), the UOM of the diameter defaulted to the template default and not what it was changed to. This has been fixed.

to 12545

While the number of places is correct when you export via Excel, when you export without Excel, the trailing zero following the decimal point was being dropped.This has been fixed.

tp 12584

When the text in the note was longer than the width of the note, the text was not getting wrapped properly and thus sections of the text disappeared. This has been fixed.

tp 12634
Error messages showed up when trying to open a previous package project by double clicking on it. This has been fixed.

tp 12823

Incorrect InspectionLists XML file location prevents project options from saving correctly. The user received an error that the lists are invalid. This has been fixed.

tp 14764

Though the application successfully retrieved the license and the licensed file formats were loaded, no information was displayed in the License Manager. This has been fixed. License should successfully get fetched and connected machines and used file formats information should be displayed in the License Manager.

tp 14559
Knowledge Base Link from Getting Started Tab in 2.0 pointed to a blank site. This has been fixed.

tp 14562
Online Videos Link from Getting Started Tab in 2.0 pointed to the wrong website. This has been fixed.

tp 14568

For a project, balloon size was set but not saved for a document, based on height of first capture by enabling the check box. This has been fixed.

tp 14601

When opening the project and viewing the Characteristic Identification table in German, all the balloon shapes revert to circle no matter what they were in English. Opening the same template in English shows the actual shapes originally saved. This has been fixed.

tp 14626

When multiple DRM protected PDF files were added to a InspectionXpert Project, the application used to go into not responding mode. This has been fixed.

tp 14816

Once you have sub-balloons, you were not able to resize the capture rectangle. Once you merged the sub-balloons to a single balloon, you could again resize the capture rectangle. This has been fixed.

tp 14822

On changing locale to Japanese and returning to English, the Japanese custom subtypes were still present. Now, on coming back to English locale, the Japanese custom sub types are not present.This has been fixed.

tp 14832
Filled in data is changed on mouse wheel scrolling over the combo box without even selecting it. This has been fixed.

tp 14837

Umlaute characters in file path (ä ö ü ß Ä Ö Ü) caused an error message "You do not have permission to write to this folder..." . This has been fixed.

tp 14840

Project balloon appearance settings could not be changed before extraction. This has been fixed. Now the changes can be affected from the ribbon/application options dialog.

tp 14866

Application loaded project created in earlier releases without any error prompt, but the datum characteristics were highlighted in red in table manager(indicating deleted) and no balloon was shown in viewer. This has been fixed.

tp 14870

In some unique cases, Excel COM API error was given on publishing Excel report. This has been fixed. Now the application should successfully publish Excel report to user defined location.

tp 14875

Char zone value for exploded multi-line note was missing. This has been fixed.

tp 14878
Default Project Templates in IX 2.0 did not have "Default Unit of Measure" selected for all Dimension types. This has been fixed and now default unit of measure has been assigned to all types.

tp 14881

For basic dimension, boxes were displayed in Excel reports. This has been fixed. Now, the application should successfully export Excel report and should correctly display basic and reference dimension values. With properly installed InspectionXpert GDT font, the issue will not occur anymore.

tp 14920

When exported to an Excel report with German locale it is found that the Plus tolerance, Minus tolerance, Upper Limit and Lower Limit values in Excel reports did not match the values present in table manager. This has been fixed.

tp 14921
In the past, multiple instances of the application could run simultaneously. This has been fixed. Now, only one instance will be running and an error prompt will show up, if the user attempts to open another instance of the application.

tp 14937

In 'Plus Tolerance/Minus Tolerance' column values were incorrectly displayed with leading zeros removed. This has been fixed.

tp 14922

The tokens exporting symbols only require InspectionXpert GDT font.This has been fixed. Thus, only Nominal GDT, Nominal Text, Full Specification, Requirement tokens will use the GDT font and the other tokens will use the user-defined font.

tp 14924

There was an extraneous table attached to the bottom with no information in it for 2D CAD files. This table has been removed. For 3D CAD files, this table will remain.

tp 14936
A supply chain customer’s version was matched with the IXOD 2.0 version,thus it was not getting installed on the same machine. This has been fixed.

tp 14940
The application crashed on compare-replace when user replaced a multipage pdf with a single page pdf. This has been fixed.

tp 14941
The OCR extraction icons for the custom properties were not visible.This has been fixed. Now, based on the document (PDF/CAD file) they are adaptively shown to be either OCR or SmartExtract.

tp 14978
After re-extraction of a limit dimension, Nominal value field did not display average value. Instead it displays the value in form of 'Upper Limit/Lower Limit'. This has been fixed. Average value will be displayed in Nominal value field when the 'Average of Upper Spec Limit and Lower spec limit' checkbox option is active. This will happen even if the user closes and opens the project again, the setting will be stored.

tp 14981

Using Up/Down Arrow Keys from Keyboard, in Table Manager was not synchronized with Characteristic Panel Movement or the Drawing Viewing Area. This has been fixed.

tp 14988

Previous Export settings of Project were persisting when a new project was created using the same template. This has been fixed.

tp 15012

Default for Exploding notes was checked and exploding. This has been fixed. Paragraphs or Lists will stay as a single note.

tp 15027

Timestamp messages and project compatibility messages were confusing to the user. This has been fixed. If the user creates a project in 5.0 release (shown in resources tab in application options dialog) and tries to open in 4.0 or 4.1 then It shows the timestamp message. If the user creates the project in SP05.1 build and tries to open in SP05.0 release build then the application shows message about project compatibility.

tp 15028

Net-Inspect showed Part Name as the first drawing name in the IXOD2.0 project. This has been fixed.

tp 15029

The balloon appearance settings of the previous project were displayed after revision after closing and saving it and opening a new project. This has been fixed.

tp 15041

For CAD files, the user was unable to select and move the balloon of a single characteristic in a multi-line note set that had been automatically exploded. This has been fixed.

tp 15040
On editing value in the Full Specification field, only single character remains in the Nominal Value field. This has been fixed.

tp 15047

If selection is on a combobox cell in the table manager, delete key/right click delete, did not display the delete characteristic dialog. This has been fixed.


The default mouse behavior settings were set incorrectly. This has been fixed.

tp 15051

After clicking Yes/No on a pop up asking to save the backup file to a location for which write access is denied, application crashes. This has been fixed.
If a user is loading a project from the location for which write access is denied, then a prompt should display to save file at a different location and the file should get saved.

tp 15053

When dimensions are unilateral or one sided, the MeasurementXpert measurement entry displayed an incorrect heat map(range of colors to indicate compliance) according to the setting chosen in the Application Options dialog. This has been fixed.

tp 12627

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