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InspectionXpert OnDemand 2015 SP03 has been released!

by petelefebvre, on Feb 10, 2016 7:00:00 PM


InspectionXpert OnDemand 2015 SP03 Release Notes

With this release, we take a major step toward making our software more flexible and powerful--thanks to valuable input from our users!

  • Customizable Balloon Numbering - Users can now edit Item numbers in the Characteristics table to create custom numbering schemes.

  • Balloon Sequencing - This feature provides even more control over creating custom numbering sequences, allowing numbering to be driven by user defined settings automatically as characteristics are extracted.

  • ‘Skin’ chooser - For users that preferred the look of the previous InspectionXpert user interface, this option allows them to switch back to our classic interface.

  • Improved Localization - Further improved foreign language application localization.


1. Customizable Balloon Numbering - Do your inspection plans require non-sequential balloon numbering? This new feature allows users to quickly edit the “Item #” field in the Bill of Characteristics to quickly create a custom balloon numbering scheme. Please review the images below for a more detailed overview.


Double click on an ‘Item #’ cell to edit the value.


Enter the desired value.



Balloons and Characteristics are automatically renumbered after hitting enter on the keyboard.



Users can customize as many item numbers in a project as needed.



A new “Reset Custom Numbers” right click option enables users to quickly remove undesired numbering schemes.



This feature can also be used to quickly reorder characteristics in the list.


The characteristic is automatically moved to the specified location in the list.


2. Balloon Sequencing - For users that like Customizable Balloon Numbering enhancement, but want a workflow that allows them to drive the balloon sequencing as characteristics are extracted instead of after, this is the feature for you. This new functionality provides users with the ability to define multiple ‘Balloon Sequence’ settings for a project, specifying a name and a start value for each sequence. These settings can even be stored in a Project Template for use on future projects. Prior to extracting characteristics, users simply need to select the desired ‘Balloon Sequence’ from the Home ribbon menu. Please see the images and explanations below for more details. Note: Balloon Sequencing and Customizable Balloon Numbering features cannot be used in conjunction with one another.


Settings are defined under ‘Options’>’Project Options’>’Ballooning’>’Balloon Sequence’



Characteristics are automatically reorganized and numbered based on the currently selected sequence.


3. ‘Skin’ chooser - For users that preferred the look of the previous InspectionXpert user interface, this option allows them to switch back to our classic interface.


Skin Chooser Menu on ‘Getting Started’ ribbon menu


InspectionXpert 2015 User Interface



InspectionXpert Classic User Interface


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  • Tom Galloway • 158 days ago We have tried to use the custom balloon numbering as shown above. It does not work, we have to manually change every number thereafter not start with say 300 then next balloon is 301, no it goes to the last ballooned number say 61 and you have to change it to 301.
  • Paul Summers • 173 days ago Awesome! A greatly appreciated feature

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