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InspectionXpert OnDemand 2017 SP6

by Jesse Kitchens, on Nov 9, 2017 5:35:51 PM

InspectionXpert OnDemand 2017 SP6 makes quality inspection even easier for our users, complete with minor fixes to improve the customers interaction with our software.

Issues Resolved:
• We have resolved numerous performance issues that users were experiencing with InspectionXpert OnDemand. These issue effected users ability to quickly extract characteristics as well as open existing project.
• We have had some customers report an issue with the application crashing when attempting to save larger project files. We have now fixed this issue so users should no longer worry about if they will be able to save their project or not.
• We have fixed a pesky little thing with saving so that now when you want to save your project file or ballooned drawings that we will always default to the directory that your drawing file originated in. No more going to Export your PDF and having the remember when your original drawing was located.
• There was an issue which previously only allowed the Characteristic panel to collapse so far. This created an issue with users on smaller resolution screens keeping them from viewing the entire drawing. This has now been resolved.
• CMMXpert previously did not properly auto assign grouped characteristics that had a x.10, x.20, etc… numbering format. This has now been resolved allowing the correct auto assignments to happen.
• Some customers were experiencing issues with resizing the Grid on certain PDF files. We have been able to determine the cause of this issue and it has now been resolved.
• An issue was resolved where some customers were experiencing an issue that after publishing a ballooned PDF and saving the project, that upon reopening the InspectionXpert project file that there were missing balloons in the drawing view.
• We have resolved an issue with our OCR so that when notes containing quotes (“) are extracted that we accurately place the text in the characteristic value field as expected.
• For customers that use InspectionXpert OnDemand on a low-resolution screen we have now resolved an issue with the Net-Inspect Publish panel so that all the of the text will be properly displayed and not hidden behind any input fields.
• There was an issue with our InspectionXpert Template editor that did not allow users to select .xltx templates to open and modify. This has now been resolved and users are able to open .xlt, .xltx, and even .xltm templates as was intended.
• When using the GDT building within InspectionXpert there was previously an issue not allowing users to enter in a datum greater than J in the datum fields. We have resolved this issue allowing users to go all the way to Z when entering datums.
• We have added the ability to include a dash (-) in the datum entry fields of the GDT builder. This will allow for the entry of Datums such as A-A or F-F.
• The “Go-To” functionality when clicking on characteristics in the table manager is a great way to quickly get to a characteristic in the drawing but we have resolved an issue where occasionally we would highlight the wrong balloon in the drawing when using this feature.
• You are now able to select Tiff files form the Drawing Replace/Compare feature of InspectionXpert OnDemand. Previously users were only able to select PDF files.
• We have resolved an issue with the Drawing Revision feature when using Catia Drawing files to make quality inspection easier. We were incorrectly identifying dimensions as removed/added in the drawing when they had not been modified.
• For those who use the Export to XML feature to get your data out of InspectionXpert OnDemand, we have now made sure to remove the degree symbols from the Upper and Lower Limit fields as they weren’t supposed to be there.
• There was a performance issue reported with regards to entering text into a Custom Field within the InspectionXpert Table Manager for a characteristic. We have resolved this issue and made it much quicker to type your text or number and be on your way to another characteristic.
• We have updated our translation files for InspectionXpert OnDemand to resolve some issues with application text showing in English rather than the Display Language selected for the rest of the program.

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