InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD 2015 Release

by admin, on Feb 26, 2015 7:00:00 PM


InspectionXpert OnDemand for CAD SP03 (v1.3.0.4) has been released!  A number of our customers are using spreadsheet packages other than standard Microsoft® Excel (e.g. Open Office, Office 360, etc...) and have asked to export inspection reports without the need for Excel to be installed on the computer.  We have listened and are pleased to announce that beginning with this release, our users will be able to export to .XLS and .XLSX formats even if Excel isn't installed on the user's computer.

Below are some of the highlights from the latest release:

  • German & Japanese Language support
  • "Local License Server" licensing option
  • "Persistent" OnDemand license option (allows users to check out a license for an extended period of time for offline use)
  • Excel independent .xls and .xlsx format spreadsheet exporter
  • Create Inspection Characteristic balloon and corresponding characteristic
  • Create and place sub-balloons for a given characteristic
  • Embed screen capture screenshots in Excel export
  • User definable default classification assignment

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