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InspectionXpert for PDF/OnDemand 2012 Release Notes

by admin, on Jul 25, 2012 8:00:00 PM

  • ‘Save UI settings’ enhancement fix. The save/load triggers are as follows:
    • Open project – loads the UI settings
    • Close project – saves the UI settings only if a project was open
    • Close the program – saves the UI settings only if a project was open
  • Custom subtype units are no longer saved if the user presses cancel in the options menu
  • Drawing compare reports now publish at a higher quality.
  • Extractions now 30% faster due to code optimization.
  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts now work in value field when GDT Font Support is on.
  • Login credentials are provided when launching OnDemand from Net-Inspect now. These credential will auto-populate the Net-Inspect publish panel in IX when publishing to Net-Inspect.

InspectionXpert for PDF/OnDemand 2012 2.3 Release:

  • Leader line support between balloons and characteristics
  • 4 new balloon shapes to choose from & improved options for ballooning controls
  • Improved ‘Insert Note’ functionality
  • Publish options for XML format and Aras Innovator
  • User interface preferences are saved when InspectionXpert is closed/reopened
  • Auto resize option for text or balloon fit to accommodate large balloon numbers
  • Detail/Assembly & Full/Partial checkboxes added to the Project Properties panel
  • New Quick Measure tool
  • Custom Subtype units
  • New Project Property Tokens in available in the Template Editor
  • Fix for the ability to enter common keyboard characters such as commas, slashes, periods etc.
  • Ability to change Characteristic ‘Type’ after extraction
  • Added a prompt upon Excel export to notify users if a report with the same file name already exists
  • New CMM templates added to support a total of 12 different CMM formats

InspectionXpert for PDF/OnDemand 2012 2.2 Release:

  • CMMXpert add-on released – Users can import CMM Data into InspectionXpert
  • Improved Drawing Compare feature to handle drawings of different sizes better
  • Separate OCR dictionaries for notes and dimensions for improved accuracy
  • Added mouse scroll wheel functionality in the Table Manager
  • Fix for capture rectangles hiding dimensions upon export to PDF for certain drawings
  • ‘Select All’ functionality improved

InspectionXpert for PDF/OnDemand 2012 2.1 Release:

  • Easily handle drawing revisions and changes with new ability toCut, Copy and Paste balloons and/or characteristics, and easy Drag & Drop re-ordering of characteristics in the Table Manager
  • User friendly GD&T Builder tool provides more options for working with Geometric Tolerances in your inspection reports
  • Additional Sub Types and Units (such as Torque, Temperature, Voltage, Electrical Capacitance, etc.) are now available for even more comprehensive reporting options
  • New Grid Setup options and interface make it easier to customize grids across multiple pages
  • New Hide Captures feature hides captured dimensions to show what you have missed
  • OCR capabilities have been added to the Bill of Materials and Specifications tabs to make it even faster to capture information for AS9102 Forms 1 and 2.
  • Real-time updates and resize or move image capture rectangles within your drawing
  • Improved Insert Note functionality makes it easier to add and edit notes
  • New Classification field enables you define criticality for each characteristic
  • User friendly page navigation controls have been added to theView tab
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