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InspectionXpert for Solid Edge Release Notes

by admin, on Jul 21, 2013 8:00:00 PM


SolidEdge ST6 support has been added

Update for the API issue with SolidEdge ST5

SolidEdge has release the MP9 update for ST5 which resolves the API issue discovered around the proper extraction of tolerance values when annotations have been defined with 'Unit Tolerances' with the previous release of InspectionXpert for SolidEdge ST5.  We have released an update to InspectionXpert for SolidEdge ST5 which accounts for the fixed API issue for users who have updated to SolidEdge ST5 MP9.  Both versions are available for download through the product download portals.


Important Information for all InspectionXpert for Solid Edge ST5 users:

There is a limitation with the API of Solid Edge ST 5 which does not allow for proper extraction of tolerance values when annotations have been defined with 'Unit Tolerances'.  InspectionXpert's development team has filed a support ticket with Siemens requesting a fix for this issue in the next service pack of Solid Edge ST5 (PR#1914809). In order to work around this API limitation, this release of InspectionXpert for Solid Edge ST5 (Build: 2.2.5014) will automatically determine when dimensions are defined with Unit Tolerances and present a warning message. This will allow users to easily recognize these flagged annotations to check them for correctness in the InspectionXpert characteristic tree.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause until a fix for this API issue has been issued.

Issue Resolved:

  •  Extraction of dimensions defined with "Unit Tolerances" - InspectionXpert for Solid Edge ST5 will now extract tolerances that have been defined as Unit Tolerances (a new tolerance type added by Siemens in Solid Edge ST5).  See above state for a limitation with this tolerance type.


Solid Edge ST5 support has been added

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