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InspectionXpert for Pro/Engineer & Creo 1/2 Release Notes

by Taylor Carswell, on Aug 7, 2013 8:00:00 PM


Deselect for Inspection & Reuse/Retire Balloon number:  Users now have the option to Deselect characteristics and either reuse the balloon number or to retire the balloon number which will lock that number from being used again in the InspectionXpert project.

Create Inspection Characteristic feature:  User now have the ability to manually add a characteristic to an InspectionXpert project.

Persist user defined balloon location:  InspectionXpert for ProEngineer and Creo will now persist any user defined location on a drawing.  If at any time you move a balloon around on the drawing InspectionXpert will not change its location.

Improved balloon placement:  Balloon placement within ProEngineer/Creo has been improved.  Users now have the ability to select various default positions within the InspectionXpert ballooning menu for balloon placement.

Issues Resolved:

Auto expanding of characteristic tree when a drag and drop was performed:  InspectionXpert will no longer automatically expand a collapsed characteristic tree when a drag and drop is performed within the characteristic tree.

Installation issue with Creo 2.0 datecodes resolved:  InspectionXpert will now properly install with all Creo 2.0 datecodes.

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