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First Article Inspection Software for AS9102

Mari Luke
Mar 15, 2018 2:39:49 PM

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Challenge: Manual First Article Inspection Reports for AS9102

Hartwell Corporation is a leader in the aerospace industry for latches and latching systems for commercial and military aircraft applications. When they first started AS9102 First Article Inspection compliance, FAIs were done manually. Samir Pandya, Quality Engineer at Hartwell Corporation, said it would take an average of 30-40 minutes to create an inspection package for a typical drawing with 30-40 characteristics. The manual process was slow and put undue pressure on the quality team.

Faster FAIs with InspectionXpert

Since implementing InspectionXpert, the amount of time it takes to create an FAI has gone down to less than 10 minutes. "The best feature is the ability to hide characteristics. I can make sure I didn't miss anything, which combined with the OCR (optical character recognition), means a faster, better process," says Pandya.

The table below shows the 60% time savings that Hartwell Corporation has achieved since implementing InspectionXpert.

first article inspection report, FAIR, for AS9102 with inspection planning software


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