Building the World's Largest Paper Ball

By Mari Luke | August 22, 2018
InspectionXpert model for the world's largest paper ball

We've been working behind the scenes for weeks to figure out the logistics for building the World's Largest Paper Ball. Today we're sharing our plans for building the giant ball, along with the materials we have gathered. 

The rules, from the Guinness Book of World Records: the ball can contain only paper and cardboard (no tape or glue) and must be made with commercially available materials. 


2 skids of 2" honeycomb cardboard, each of these pallets has 200 lbs of cardboard. We'll use the cardboard to create the internal structure of the ball.

Brown paper cord, this heavy duty 6/32" cord will be used to tie a net around the cardboard structure to hold all the paper in. brown paper cord for world's largest paper ball

A whole lot of recycled paper...yet to be gathered! 

The Plans

Jeff (InspectionXpert CEO and mechanical engineer) designed the internal structure of our giant paper ball, below is a drawing of the plans. 

InspectionXpert model for the world's largest paper ball

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