How to Differentiate Critical to Quality (CTQ) Characteristics in Your Control Plan

By James Meenan | July 17, 2020
How to differentiate critical to quality characteristics in your control plan and ballooned part drawing

What is a Critical to Quality (CTQ) Characteristic?

CTQ characteristics are features that affect the safety or function a product.

  • Directly impacts the safety, regulatory, or functional performance requirements of the part
  • Requires verification of part conformance during production

How do you know if a characteristic is CTQ? 

CTQ Characteristics are usually identified on the part drawing, and can be marked in several ways: 

  • A pill/cartouche surrounding the dimension on the part drawing
  • Called out in a note somewhere on the drawing

Example of Critical to Quality Characteristic on a part drawing, characteristic in a "pill"

How do I differentiate CTQ Characteristics in my control plans and check sheets? 

With InspectionXpert, you can:

  • Set up custom balloons for CTQ features that can be applied to all future CTQ features
  • Add classifications to your table of characteristics
  • Save your custom balloon settings for use in later projects

Watch the 2 min video below to see how. 

You can then export your ballooned part drawing to a PDF and your table of characteristics to an Excel report. You can also create check sheets that include only the CTQ characteristics check out this help article on filtering data for reports.   

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