PPAP Documentation Requirements

By Mari Luke | November 7, 2019

What is Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)?

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a framework of requirements used in the automotive supply chain to establish confidence in suppliers and their manufacturing processes. 

PPAP was initially created by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), and has been adopted in other industries to improve communication and provide quality products.

PPAP Documentation Requirements

There are 18 documents that comprise the PPAP:  

  1. Design Records
    - For proprietary components/details
    - for all other components/details
  2. Engineering Change Documentations, if any
  3. Customer Engineering approval, if required
  4. Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA)
  5. Process Flow Diagrams
  6. Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA)
  7. Control Plan
  8. Measurement System Analysis Studies
  9. Dimensional Results
  10. Material, Performance Test Results
  11. Initial Process Studies
  12. Qualified Laboratory Documentation
  13. Appearance Approval Report (AAR), if applicable
  14. Sample Product
  15. Master Sample
  16. Checking Aids
  17. Records of Compliance with Customer-Specific Requirements
  18. Part Submission Warrant (PSW)

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Do I have to send all 18 elements every time?

Most customers will specify a PPAP Submission Level, which will dictate what elements you need to submit to your customer.

According to the AIAG PPAP manual, all elements should be completed. The PPAP levels indicate which documents need to be submitted to the customer, and which can simply be retained by the manufacturer.

Level 1 - Part Submission Warrant (PSW) only
Level 2 - PSW with product samples and limited supporting data
Level 3 - PSW with product samples and complete supporting data
Level 4 - PSW and other requirements as defined by the customer
Level 5 - PSW with product samples and complete supporting data available for review at the supplier's manufacturing location

When should I conduct a PPAP?

PPAP is listed as a customer specific requirement (CSR) by FCA US, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors. If you are producing for any of these supply chains it is likely you'll be required to conduct PPAP. We've also heard of more industries adopting PPAP to ensure that suppliers understand all customer engineering design specifications and requirements.

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