Manufacturing Jobs Study Part 2: Quality

By Mari Luke | May 23, 2019
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We are continuing our study of the current state of manufacturing jobs in the US. We recently released Part 1 of our study which focused on the availability of production jobs. This post looks at trends in jobs related to manufacturing quality. Here's a recap of the entire series:

Currently the US Is seeing low unemployment rates, and manufacturing in the US has been growing for the last 5 years. What does this mean for quality departments? 

Manufacturing Quality Jobs

You probably need a Bachelor's Degree and a few years of experience

Of the 100 job openings we studied from April 2019, the majority of the job titles were quality manager, quality assurance manager, and quality control manager. For these positions, an average of 6 years experience was required, with the majority of jobs requiring 5 years or less of experience. 96% of the jobs we studied required a Bachelor's degree. 

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Regulatory Compliance is Required

ISO, AS9100, and PPAP were in the top 5 keywords we found in the jobs that we studied. Depending on the business the regulatory requirements will change, but compliance is a critical part of quality assurance across manufacturing. 

Want to see how you compare? 

Whether or not you're looking to change jobs, or looking ahead at your career in quality, here are some of our favorite resources for salary research: 

Does your company have open positions? Have you had difficulty in filling open positions? See what your peers have said about openings at their companies in Part 3 of our series, which collects survey results.  The survey is anonymous, we just want to understand what's happening in the market. Help us gather more information on what you're seeing.

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